Thanks, Osborne.

After thinking I had hit snooze on my alarm, I woke up an hour later than I wanted to and then found out if I didn’t catch the bus in one minute then I would be late for work, and I really didn’t want that half point so I threw on my costume and ran out the door. It must have been the first day in years I didn’t shower and I could feel it. The sweat from the previous day and the night before covered my layered my skin and my hair, matted and greasy, only got worse as the eleven hour work day went on. At some point in my morning I realized I had forgot my invitation for the Osborne Dancing Lights launch party which started an hour after my shift ended. I took the bus home after work, met Nora and Anastasia at Vista, took the fastest shower and caught an Uber to Hollywood Studios.

And then my bad day was over. Standing in the middle of the Streets of America, where all you can see is Christmas lights that cover every inch of every building and fill every peripheral was an incredible experience. I’ve never seen anything like this display that dances to songs like Little Saint Nick and What’s This. I spent the night staring up and the colors and the snow and drinking hot chocolate and running into friends I saw. It was a sudden and welcome jolt of full body holiday spirit, and my only regret is that Marina wasn’t there to share it with me. I saw a couple holding each other and watching the show and the snow and hearing the music, I said out loud, “Fuck, this is romantic.”

When people ask me about my DCP I will bring up the Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights. They truly warmed my cold frozen heart. It’s Christmas now, mother fucker.

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